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Impact Windows AND Doors in Fort Myers

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Fort Myers Hurricane Doors and Windows for added Protection

Some would say that the state of Florida has everything a person could want including 240 days of sunshine per year, pristine beaches, and weather that is beautiful all year long.  Unfortunately, our state also sees its fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms that can leave behind a path of death and destruction in their wake.  At V&V Windows, we make and deliver the highest quality impact-resistant doors and windows to Fort Myers businesses and residents.

Our impact doors and windows have been tested and proven to withstand the punishing high winds of hurricanes and tropical storms.  We understand the need to protect your family and home, and that’s precisely what our products do.  As a family-owned and operated business in the greater Miami area, we’ve been providing commercial and residential owners with excellent storm protection for over 25 years.  At our company, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

About Our Products

At V&V Windows, we manufacture our hurricane doors and windows to the highest standards in our industry as well as high-impact and non-impact standards.  Every one of our products has been manufactured to pass the most rigorous testing practices in our industry.  Furthermore, all of our products have been tested and are Miami-Dade NOA–approved.  Our impact-resistant windows and doors are available in different options as well including colors, impact ratings, and opening styles.

Our impact windows and doors are constructed from the industry’s finest laminated impact glass that provides energy efficiency and noise reduction as well as gale force impact resistance.  You have the following door and window options for your business or southern Florida home.  V&V Windows impact doors are available in two styles:

  • French doors – as the ideal blend of security and style, our impact-resistant French doors are the best option for opening up your home to the outdoors. Their elegant appearance and design feature the perfect combination of expert craftsmanship, modern technology, and a multiple-point locking system.
  • Sliding doors – this product includes features that aren’t typically offered with our competitor’s products. Our sliding doors are a space-saving option that is right for just about any place in your home.

As part of the V&V Windows’ hurricane windows and doors product line-up, our windows are an upgrade to any home’s appearance as well as energy efficiency and security.  We offer 4 styles of impact windows:

  • Casement windows – with side-mounted hinges, our casement windows open like doors and provide immediate access to fresh air, natural light, and scenic views.
  • Single hung windows – always in style, our easiest-to-open windows feature a bottom-mounted up-and-down sliding sash that provides for better ventilation.
  • Sliding windows – also referred to as horizontal rolling windows, our sliding windows open horizontally along tracks mounted at the top and bottom of the window frame.
  • Specialty or custom windows – at V&V Windows, we can design, manufacture, and deliver custom impact windows that will satisfy your home’s architectural needs. Popular designs include the full arch head, equally modified rectangle, full circle, half circle, hexagon, oval, modified rectangle, quarter circle, and trapezoid.

For more information about impact-resistant doors and windows, call V&V Windows at (305) 888-4151 today.

We service the following zip codes: 33901, 33902, 33903, 33905, 33906, 33907, 33911, 33912, 33913, 33916, 33917, 33919, 33966, 33971, 33990 and all surrounding areas.

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Which Impact Window Style is Right For You?

Hung Single Windows

Hung Single Windows have a classic window style. They feature a bottom sash that slides up and down for ventilation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows allow you to bring the great views of the outside into your home. They add character and beauty to any space.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward like a door. They are a great elegant option.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows or horizontal rolling windows contain tracks at the bottom and top of the window frame.

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