Energy efficiency is a hot topic right now. Windows are one of the main places in the home that can be upgraded or updated to help improve overage energy efficiency in a residential or commercial building. Whether you are looking to improve your current windows or purchase new, more energy efficient windows, you are in the right place.
Impact Windows and doors of your house or property allow access to fresh air, as well as sunlight, but these benefits can be reflected in the consumption of electricity.
Many homes already have windows when they are purchased. Instead of purchasing brand new windows, many owners look for ways to improve the ones that are currently installed. There are three main ways to get this done. First of all, impact windows can be added. Storm windows help decrease the amount of air leakage or in other words keeping air in or out.
You and I know that, windows and doors are among the most important aspects of any building, but they can also have a great impact on the amount of energy consumed. The type of glass that is used in the windows and doors of your property can increase energy efficiency of your home.
A traditional way to help increase the energy efficiency of windows is to use window treatments in the warmer months. Covering the windows prevents the sun’s rays from heating the fresh air inside, and does not increase the consumption of electricity by the use of air conditioning; but this ends up affecting the amount of light in the property, with the increase of energy consumption in lighting.

Keeping Hot, Summer Air Out

It’s just as important to keep hot air out in the summer as it is to keep cold air out in the winter. Just like keeping cold air out, there are many ways to keep the heat out of your home throughout the summer. A few suggestions:
  • Installing shades, drapes or blinds to reflect sun and keep heat at bay.
  • Keep curtains closed if sunlight shines through that window naturally.
  • Utilize awnings to keep the heat or sunlight from your interior.
  • Reflective films can be used to deflect heat.

Purchasing Energy Efficient Hurricane Windows

Energy efficient windows are some of the most popular windows available on the market these days. They provide so many benefits to homeowners, it’s hard not to consider them when installing or replacing windows in a residential or commercial building. These windows are not only energy efficient but also cost effective.

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The main benefit of energy efficient windows is that over time, they end up paying for themselves thanks to the savings on electricity and energy bills. There are three aspects to consider when choosing and purchasing new windows: their design, the available selection and the installation process.

Impact Resistant Windows: Design and Styles

The design of your new windows will be based on whether their place exists or not. If you can installing windows into a pre-existing home, you may have some design limitations. However, if you are designing a home, you can choose the windows you like and design accordingly.
It’s important to look at all different designs and find the right fit for you and your home. You must also consider which features are available. For example, some energy efficient windows are constructed to withstand storms like hurricanes. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, this would be an important feature. On the other hand, if you live out West, this may not be a concern.
If you want to take energy-efficiency a step farther via your windows, you can also concentrate on where the windows are positioned Depending on which direction they face, windows can be improved for increase energy protection. This is much easier in a new build, but even existing windows can be improved based on where the face and how the sunlight hits them or shines through them.

Available Selections

Luckily, there is a huge variety of energy efficient windows on the market and available to purchase. When selecting your new windows, the first thing you want to do is look at the energy performance rating. This rating will help you make the most informed decision about the product. Energy efficiency of a window is based on all its components. For example, if the materials used for the window frame conduct heart, the rating will change accordingly.
You will also want to decide how you want your window to operate. Are you looking for a traditional single hung window, or maybe something like a casement window? Here’s a brief description of each type, to help you decide:
Impact Windows Windows
Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward from the bottom.
casement impact windows
Casement windows are hinged at the sides and swing outward.
sliding impact windows
Horizontal Sliding Windows open horizontally and provide access to fresh air.
Families that have installed our impact windows and doors that are energetically efficient; They are enjoying a more comfortable interior environment and saving a lot of money. Improvements in building codes and the development of new materials have allowed elegant windows and doors to be manufactured for any architectural need.

The Installation Process

A proper installation is so important for energy efficient windows. If they are not installed correctly, their efficiency could be in jeopardy. It is always best to let a professional install your windows, as they have experience and can make sure it’s done correctly.
The area where the window is being installed must be prepared properly and additional materials may be needed. The window process as a whole depends on the type of window, window frame and building exterior. Windows should be installed following the manufacturer’s recommendations. A well-executed installation will lead to energy efficient windows that save money! Read more about Impact Windows Prices
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