Do’s and Don’ts When Installing Impact Windows and Doors

Have you been contemplating installing impact windows? Although you may be a confident DIY’er, it is always better to install impact windows by a professional. V&V Windows has professionals that have the experience and proper training required to do this type of work.  Granted, saving money as a DIY project can have a lot of appeal but not at the expense of your home.

Installing impact-resistant doors and windows isn’t easy, especially if this is your first attempt at doing something of this magnitude. Not only do these windows and doors require specialized installation procedure and professional tools, but experience does count. There are too many risks involved and it could wind up costing you considerably more money overall. Consider the following reasons for letting a professional handle the installation.

DO consider the true cost of doing it yourself – when it comes to impact windows just remember, you get what you pay for. If the estimate has you feeling overwhelmed, just imagine what it could cost as a DIY project. There’s more to this than just buying your replacement windows. You’ll need a cordless drill, extension ladder, level, miter saw, and reciprocating saw. Other materials needed include caulk, finishing tape, flashing tape, screws, and much more. Furthermore, if you cause any damage while installing your windows, you’ll have to pay for those repairs as well.

DON’T DIY this project as you can have a higher risk of injury – for the untrained individual, the installation of impact-resistant windows can be extremely dangerous. You’re often times up on a ladder carrying a heavy piece of glass, which increases the risk of losing your balance and falling.  The last thing you need is the additional cost of medical bills along with any repairs that may be necessary.

DO replace old windows with impact windows – by replacing old windows in your home, energy efficiency could be reduced and save you up to $400 per year on your monthly utility bills – if they’re properly installed. V&V Windows’ professionals know how to properly seal impact-resistant windows in order to ensure the maximum energy efficiency possible. They are trained to use the right materials and tools. Plus, they know which sealants should be used. Instead of trying your hand at something that can cause you damage, it is more cost effective to call in our team of professionals to get the job done.

DON’T purchase the wrong windows – most homeowners don’t realize that there are two distinct types of impact windows – “full-frame” and “insert replacement” models. With a full-frame replacement model, if the window frame is in disrepair, the sill and trim will be replaced along with the window whereas only the window is replaced in an insert replacement job.

For additional information about the installation of impact windows or to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate, contact V&V Windows today and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.