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Impact Windows AND Doors in Cape Coral

The Best and Most Affordable Impact Windows & Doors Manufacturer in Cape Coral FL and Beyond!

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Why Choose V&V Windows

Embrace the New Era of Cape Coral Impact Windows and Doors!

Impact Windows and Doors for Cape Coral Businesses and Homes

As a family-owned impact windows and doors company in the greater Miami-Dade County area, V&V Windows has been satisfying the needs of Cape Coral businesses and homeowners for over 25 years.  During that time, we’ve earned our customer’s trust by staying committed to southern Florida commercial and residential property owners.  We have earned a reputation as an industry leader by maintaining our core principles of honesty, integrity, pride in workmanship, and professionalism.

We have dedicated our business to providing a high-quality product to businesses and residences throughout South Florida.  Whether you’re looking to replace your current doors and windows with hurricane windows and doors made with impact-resistant glass and strong materials or you need a high-quality product for new building construction, V&V Windows has got you covered.  You’ll quickly discover why we’re the best and most affordable impact-resistant windows and doors manufacturer in South Florida.

Why Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors manufactured by V&V Windows have been designed and developed to resist shattering when hit with flying debris carried by the gale-force winds of a hurricane or tropical storm.  Engineered with an inner layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) laminated between 2 layers of heat-tempered glass, our doors and windows can protect you and your family as well as everything inside your home against the most severe weather conditions.

In addition to the added protection that they provide you, your family, and your belongings, hurricane windows and doors provide these 6 benefits:

  • additional security for your business or home
  • discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • energy efficiency which means reduced monthly utility bills
  • increased curb appeal and property value
  • protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • reduced noise pollution

Because they are designed to protect against flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm, even if the glass gets broken, that inner layer of PVB will ensure that the glass remains within the frame and doesn’t shatter everywhere.

Commercial and Residential Impact-resistant Windows and Doors

At V&V Windows, our specialists fabricate our window products to the highest industry standards possible.  We manufacture both high-impact and non-impact products while constructing them to survive the most rigorous testing in our industry.  Our impact windows are manufactured with laminated impact glass.  Furthermore, all of our door and window products are Miami Dade NOA approved.  To learn more about our 4 styles of windows, visit our impact doors and impact windows catalog pages. Additionally, you can call us and talk with the experts who can guide you about the

Why V&V Windows?

We manufacture and deliver many industry-leading options where hurricane windows and doors as well as non-impact products are concerned whether it’s new commercial or residential property construction or renovation and replacement, we provide the most competitive prices in our industry without sacrificing product quality.  Our products are manufactured to meet the budget, needs, and priorities of commercial and residential property owners alike. That is why everyone can find something that will suit their home or office.

When it comes to impact windows and doors, working with V&V Windows means that you’ll be working with the best and most affordable manufacturer in the greater Miami Dade area.  We offer installation services so you can get it properly installed. Call us at (305) 888-4151.

We service the following zip codes: 33903, 33904, 33909, 33910, 33914, 33990, 33991, 33993 and all surrounding areas.

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Which Impact Window Style is Right For You?

Hung Single Windows

Hung Single Windows have a classic window style. They feature a bottom sash that slides up and down for ventilation.

Picture Windows

Picture windows allow you to bring the great views of the outside into your home. They add character and beauty to any space.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward like a door. They are a great elegant option.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows or horizontal rolling windows contain tracks at the bottom and top of the window frame.

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