3 Reasons You Need Impact Windows and Doors in South Florida

As a homeowner in South Florida, you have a lot to be thankful for. You’ve got ideal climate almost year-round, and hundreds of miles of pristine beaches where you can enjoy both. Unfortunately, you also have hurricanes and bad tropical storms that can cause millions of dollars in damage. While you cannot change that fact, you can do something to protect your home and what’s inside of it – impact resistant windows.

Unlike standard windows, impact windows are manufactured with an inner layer of polyvinyl sandwiched between two layers of impact-resistant glass. Conversely, a standard window is made with only one or two layers of glass. If you’ve had storm damage from flying debris crashing into your home and shattering your windows, it’s time to upgrade to impact windows and doors. Here are 3 reasons why:

Impact windows are more affordable than you think – the primary reason for getting impact-resistant windows is cost-effectiveness.  In other words, windows by V&V Windows provide a number of financial benefits such as:

  • increased protection against storm damage
  • increasing your home’s market value
  • lowering monthly energy bills
  • lowering the cost of your homeowner’s insurance

You may even be able to defer some of the costs involved by contacting the PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy program and applying for financial assistance. You might want to discuss it with your contractor or even a home insurance lawyer to get the details on the post-hurricane damages.

Impact windows protect against more than storm damage – most homeowner’s only think of storm protection when discussing impact-resistant windows. However, they also help improve home security. With over 2.2 million burglaries and 7 million property crimes committed every year in the U.S., it makes sense to buy and install impact windows and doors in your home.f

Current statistics have shown that it only takes 12 minutes at the most for a burglar to break into your home and get what they want. Granted, they could eventually break the glass and get into your home, but it would take too much time and they would need to make too much noise. Considering all of these factors they would probably be discouraged from breaking in and move onto the next house.

Impact windows and door provides you and your family with peace of mind – taking the all the above into consideration, installing impact-resistant windows and doors will give you peace of mind for years to come. When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones and saving tens of thousands of dollars in damages in the process, it makes perfect sense to consider installing impact windows and doors in your South Florida home.

And when it comes to resisting a storm, or even a hurricane, impact windows and doors by V&V Windows makes for the right choice in Florida. V and V Windows make and sell directly, helping their customers find the best quality products at the right prices.