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Since 1985, V&V Windows has been designing, manufacturing, and installing durable, high-quality hurricane impact windows and doors for business owners and homeowners in Tavernier and many other cities in southeastern Florida.  Residents of Florida are all too familiar with the destructive force of the hurricanes and tropical storms that have made landfall along the Atlantic coast of the state.  Consequently, many have installed hurricane impact windows in Tavernier and hurricane impact doors products in order to protect their families and homes from these weather events.

How do Home and Office Property Owners benefit?

Many commercial and residential property owners in the area have already discovered the benefits of the impact-resistant windows and doors products in Tavernier designed and manufactured by V&V Windows.  Our window and door products:

Entitle you to discounts on your homeowner’s insurance – many homeowner’s insurance companies will offer discounts on your monthly premiums when you install our hurricane impact windows and doors products in Tavernier.

Helps reduce noise pollution – by reducing the level of outdoor noise that you hear, our impact-resistant windows and doors ensure getting a good night’s sleep.

Protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays – continued exposure to sunlight can be very damaging to artwork, fabrics, paint, and photographs.  V&V Windows impact-resistant products have an extra layer of protection against discoloration and fading from the sun’s UV rays.

Provides increased protection during hurricane season – once installed, our windows and doors provide commercial and residential property owners a significantly higher level of protection than traditional windows and doors.  Our impact-resistant hurricane windows and hurricane doors products in Tavernier feature layers of laminated glass that are difficult to penetrate or shatter.

Saves you money on your monthly utility bills – our windows and doors are energy-efficient.  They keep the cold out during the winter months and the heat out in summer.  This means you should start seeing a significant reduction in your monthly utility bills.  And unlike hurricane shutters, V&V Windows products only need to be installed once.

Our Products

Our company designs, manufactures, and installs some of the highest quality impact windows in Tavernier and impact doors products in Tavernier at the most competitive pricing in our industry today.  These doors feature a heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frame, impact-resistant glass, and UV protection.  Each product range is individually tested for impact and quality checks are done before being sold. We also manufacture conventional versions of these windows and doors as well.  Our variety of Tavernier windows includes:

  • casement windows
  • single hung windows
  • sliding windows
  • custom windows

We are not limited to windows but V&V Windows also offers an outstanding line of hurricane doors models as well. We have several options to choose from including:

  • commercial store
  • impact entry doors models
  • French doors
  • impact front doors models
  • sliding doors

These products can be tailored to accommodate your needs and satisfy the demands of your architectural style. Thus, if you have a specific design or décor that needs to be matched, do let us know. Our designers and business representatives will be glad to be of assistance.

As a top-rated impact doors and impact windows manufacturers in Tavernier, we care about the safety of you, your family, and your home. Since establishing our business over 30 years ago, we have remained committed to providing customers with the highest quality products available on the market today. Why not call V&V Windows and see why we are Florida’s one-stop shop for impact windows and doors. We service the following zip codes 33070 and more!

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Entry Impact Door

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Robust and modern entry door with aluminum frame. Comes in different colors and sizes. Door was combined with an ornamental arch to keep the original window style of the home.

hurricane windows miami

Patio and Pool Doors

Tavernier, Florida
Hurricane protection installed in a waterfront property. Elegant Sliding Glass Doors and French doors for the patio overlooking the pool. We offer different solutions for exterior access.
hurricane impact doors miami

Windows Replacement

West Palm Beach, Florida
Replacement windows using a single hung and pictures windows with colonial grids. The project was installed in West Palm Beach County following Florida building code regulations.

Aluminum Frame

Heavy-duty extruded aluminum that is heavier and stronger than materials used by most other manufactures.

Resistant Glass

Laminated glass with superior resistance than traditional window panes. Each layer of glass is joined together by a layer of PVB. 

Noise Reduction

If you live near highways, schools, or other loud places; Hurricane Windows helps to reduce external noise.

Laminated Glass

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is placed between two glasses strengthening the glass’s resistance to breaking.
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Elegant Design.

Diversity of styles with an elegant and modern design that adapts to any architectural requirements.

Easy to Clean

Fully weather-stripped to protect against wind, rain and air infiltration, while resisting mold and mildew growth.


The great thing about our strong windows is that they offer superior insulation that will help you conserve energy.

UV Protection

Laminated Glass will block harmful UV-Rays by up to 99% to protect people and furniture.

People Love our Products/ Windows & Doors

Emiko Bernal
V&V Windows is the best windows company for existing houses and for new construction and replacement windows. They are a windows manufacturer and install their own products. Hung Windows, Picture Windows & Doors. Excellent services, quality products and 100% financing.
Emiko Bernal |Impact Windows in West Palm Beach FL.
Gina Bruzas
Since we moved to South Florida (Miami Beach) we have seen 3 hurricanes. But we felt very safe with our hurricane rated aluminum windows. We installed an entry door and 2 patio doors (sliding glass and French doors) and a single hung and a double hung window.
Gina Bruzas | Windows and Doors | Miami Beach
Cristina Maravello
The best replacement windows company (Impact Windows in Florida) and very friendly staff. They explained every detail to me. Very easy to work with them. We bought (resistant windows and doors) 6 sliding doors, awning windows and fixed windows, and 4 horizontal rollers. Excellent Product Line of windows custom design.
Cristina Maravello | Doors and Windows in Ft Lauderdale
Eddie Abreu
I was tired of looking for impact windows prices that I could afford. I had 12 quotes in my hands for 6 fixed windows and I went with V&V Windows because they has excellent services, they are windows manufacturer and offer 100% financing. Excellent customer service.
Eddie Abreu |Windows and Doors| Tavernier

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